Wind farm «Udanin»

Delivery of high-voltage cable and cable accessories for wind farm «Udanin»

Location:Udanin, Poland
Voltage level:76/132 kV
Cable:A2XSA(FL)2Y 1×400RM/120-242
Manufacturer:Estralin HVC LLC
Quantity:134 km

As part of the order Estralin supplied high-voltage cable 132 kV of own production and also 70 pcs. of joints MCB X, 3 pcs. of terminations MKB produced by Arkasil SK LLC.

Besides, under the contract chef supervision of cable laying and installation of cable accessories were performed by Estralin Service Centre.

All the aforementioned cables and cable accessories were supplied and installed with the qualified personnel of ESTRaLIN PS LLC according to the Contract terms on time… Read more

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