Hoa Binh HPP

Delivery of high-voltage cable and cable accessories for Hoa Binh HPP

Location:Hoa Binh province, Vietnam
Year:2020, 2022
Voltage level:127/220 кВ
Cable:2XS(FL)H-LWL 1×630RM/310
Manufacturer:Estralin HVC LLC
Quantity:6,9 km

In 2020 Estralin HVC produced high-voltage cable 220 kV for the Hoa Binh HPP. This was first project of Estralin in Vietnam.

Additionally in 2022 the company supplied cable of own production and high-voltage cable accessories produced by Arkasil SK LLC to the site.

Specialists of Estralin Service Centre arranged a cable lying supervision and an installation of above-mentioned accessories.

All above mentioned equipment is delivered complete as per order specification and installed in the given time and is under energization without interruption... Read more

Dai Tam Son JSC

Implemented projects

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