Cable accessories

To ensure the reliable operation of cable and overhead lines Estralin offers cross-bonding boxes, earthing boxes, cable clamping systems and mechanical protection of cable lines.

The company uses only advanced solutions proven by experience.

Cross-bonding and earthing boxes

To protect long cable lines from induced currents in the screens of high-voltage cables and increase the current carrying capacity of cable lines, Estralin offers cross-bonding and earthing boxes produced by RKS-Plast.

RKS-Plast products comply with international quality standards and have managed to earn trust in the energy market.

The cross-bonding and earthing boxes are made of stainless steel AISI 304.

The box design provides dust and moisture protection categories IP66 or IP68. This allows it to be installed both outdoors and in well below ground level with the possibility of horizontal and vertical positioning.

Cable entry assembly is designed in such a way so as to prevent moisture from getting inside the box as well as to ensure that the wire end can be installed and removed from the device without taking a cable lug off.

The box design can be changed according to individual requests of the Customer.

Cable Line Solutions: Cable Line clampings

It is recommended that the additional cable line installation materials should be used to ensure a high quality and reliable cable line installation such as cable clamps for cable fixing.

«Estralin» uses mainly fiber reinforced polyamide cable clamps.

The clamps are designed to fix single phase power cables for voltage grade from 110 to 500 kV. They can also be used to fix MV cables of suitable diameters both for individual and group laying.

Innovative material Armamid TM which using in manufacturing of the clamps is flame retardant, can withstand high dynamic loads and is resilient to various atmospheric influences, chemical effects, as well as exposure of ultraviolet radiation.

Cable Line clamps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement in all climatic zones, including coastal areas.

Additionally, it is possible to use silicone seals.

Silicone seals make it possible to compensate the cable movement due to longitudinal thermal expansion and to secure the cable in the inclined and vertical sections of the cable track.

Cable Line Solutions: Polymer sheets for cable line protection and marking

Polymer sheets for cable line protection and marking are used for mechanical protection of buried cable and marking it so that it was visible in case of digging in the area of cable lines.

«Estralin» uses products made of high-strength polymer with high resistance to low temperatures.

The design of the polymer sheets makes it easy to install them in the field conditions and connect them , they are not liable to corrosion and flexible.

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