Substation 110 kV «Bishkek»

Delivery of high-voltage cable and cable accessories for the construction of the cable line HPP1 – SS 110 kV «Bishkek»

Location:Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Republic
Voltage level:64/110 kV
Cable:2XS(FL)2Y-LWL 1×500RM/185
Manufacturer:Estralin HVC LLC
Quantity:18,6 km

At the end of 2017 a turn-key contract for the construction of the cable line HPP1 – SS 110 kV «Bishkek» in the capital of the Kyrgyzstan Republic was signed.

New cable line in the center of the city was planned to be constructed at the end of 90, due to the forecasted shortage of electrical supply in this part of Bishkek.

One of the special features to the cable design, which is to be produced by Estralin and a red extruded conductive layer above sheath. The bright color the sheath helps to locate any mechanical damage of the cable.

Estralin PS LLC performed a full range of works and services, such as design, construction of a cable line, supply of equipment and materials, cable laying, installation of cable accessories, urban landscaping along the cable line, high voltage tests, acceptance tests and commissioning works... Read more

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