The main goal of the company is to provide the Customer with a full range of services in the construction process of cable lines.

Estralin offers the following range of services:

  • cable line designing;
  • cable laying and cable laying supervision;
  • cable accessories installation and supervision;
  • cable laying and cable accessories installation training of the Customer;
  • work production plan development;
  • passports preparation for cable lines.

Technical support

We provide technical support for high-voltage and extra high-voltage cable line (CL) projects and offer cable line designing services.

CL designing includes the following:

  • recommendations regarding cable type choice in accordance with a specific CL project;
  • cable line current capacity calculations;
  • cable pulling stress calculating during the laying;
  • cooperation with design engineering organizations at the CL engineering stage;
  • recommendations regarding the cable accessories type choice;
  • recommendations regarding the calculation of metal structures for CL installation and clamping.

Cable laying and cable laying supervision

Estralin provides the following cable laying and cable laying supervision services within the framework of the project. Cable laying supervision (laying supervision) includes the following:

  • inspection of the track prepared for cable laying and conclusions on the readiness of the track for cable laying;

  • inspection of the cable drums prepared for laying, along with the equipment used for carrying out the work, and the granting the permission to do the work;

  • supervision of cable laying work as well as provision of technical recommendations related to the course of the mentioned work and making a report on work executed;

  • supervision of cable laying 110 to 500 kV at one delivery length finishes once the cable has been covered with sand-gravel and concrete plates followed by electric testing of cable sheath integrity. Having obtained positive test results a protocol on the completion of laying the cable at the corresponding shipping length is drawn up. The following backfilling of the run is carried out without supervision;

  • supervision of cable laying in the underground works finishes once the cable has been fastened to the metal structures;

  • participation in outer sheath testing of the cable delivery lengths after the laying.

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Cable accessories installation and supervision

The company provides the following cable accessory installation and supervision services within the framework of the project. All our specialists have been trained in Europe at the training centers of cable and cable accessory manufacturers, have special certificates and are authorized to carry-out this work.

Cable accessories installation includes the following:

  • acceptance of the working place and equipment readiness provided by the Customer to the accessories installation according to the instructions provided by the executor;

  • documents arrangement of the readiness to the installation;

  • cable accessories (joints) installation of by the executor’s specialists;

  • provision of the equipment, tools, attachments and installation and auxiliary materials as required for the execution of this installation;

  • hand-over of the installed cable accessories (joints) to the Customer’s personnel so that they may carry out the definitive operations such as placing the joints down in the trench, backfilling the joints and fastening the joints at posts, metal structures etc. and supervision of these operations;

  • participation if necessary in the operating tests of the installed cable accessories (joints) and making a report on work executed for the installation of the cable accessories (joints).

Cable accessory (joint) supervision (installation supervision) includes the following:

  • technical supervision and control throughout the installation stages of the correctness of assembling and other working operations carried out by the customer’s specialists and final results of the installation of the electric equipment supplied by the executor in accordance with standards, drawings, instructions, specifications and the executer’s standards;
  • managing all the technical issues that may occur during the installation followed by issuing a technical report/documentation. Customer representative shall issue a report with the results of executed work for supervisor’s review and signing for quality assessment throughout the stages of the installation of the cable accessories (joints).

Electrical Measuring Laboratory

Electrical Measuring Laboratory of Estralin PS provides services of measurements and tests, such as:

  • high-voltage tests of outer sheaths of cable lines up to 500 kV;
  • measuring of the direct current of the active resistance of conductors;
  • measuring the resistance of all types of grounding systems.

Electrical Measuring Laboratory of Estralin PS was registered by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision on 15.06.2018. Registration number is 7321. According to the registration we can perform acceptance tests, preventive tests and measurements of parameters of electrical equipment and electrical installations with voltages up to 500 kV.

Besides that our company provides services of localization of electrical breakdowns of high-voltage cable lines with following operational repair.

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