Estralin provides a full range of products for high-voltage and extra high-voltage cable lines 60-500 kV such as:

  • cables of different voltage ratings and design;
  • cable accessories, such as terminations and joints, GIS and transformers, transposition and earthing boxes;
  • temperature monitoring system;
    tools for cable laying;
  • equipment for cable accessories installation.

High-voltage and extra high-voltage cables

The main Estralin activity is production of high-voltage cable 60-220 kV and delivery of cable systems 60-500 kV.

Estralin offers XLPE insulated single core power cables for long-distance power transmission in distribution and transmission networks for application under different conditions.


Cable accessories

Electrical networks have to ensure reliable power supply and transfer necessary amounts of electricity. Only high-quality accessories perfectly matching power cable can guarantee a high level of operational reliability of cable systems.

Cable terminations

Cable accessories such as cable terminations, joints etc. are a key element of the cable system. Our company offers a wide range of the products: high-voltage conventional terminations and dry type terminations, different types of joints, dry type and fluid filled GIS terminations, transformer sealing ends on the voltage rating 60-500 kV.

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Cable line solutions

To ensure the reliable operation of cable and overhead lines Estralin offers cross-bonding boxes, earthing boxes, cable clamping systems and mechanical protection of cable lines.

Temperature monitoring systems

Timely determination of the temperature profile of the cable transmission line enables the maintenance personnel to operate the line efficiently and optimize the load capacity of the network. Temperature monitoring system detects overheating and damage of power underground cable with high accuracy of location of breakdown.


Additional equipment and tools

The safe operation of the cable system depends largely on the professional installation of the cable equipment. The company offers special tools for the installation of cable fittings, as well as equipment for laying cables. The Estralin team will be glad to help you make the right choice and give advice on the proper use of tools for installation.

Estralin specialists are ready to help you to choose the best version of cable equipment for your project according to the given criteria: price – quality, time of manufacture and delivery time.

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