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SS “Ochakovo” – SS “Zapadnaya”, Moscow, Russia

A contract has been signed for a “turn-key” Project – «Reconstruction of present sections of HVL 500 kV Ochakovo-Zapadnaya, HVL 220 kV Ochakovo-Krasnogorskaya, HVL 220 kV Ochakovo – Novovnukovo, circuits I and II and HVL 220 kV Ochakovo-Lykovo” (Skolkovo Innovation Center). This is a rare and unique event that Moscow is laying such a length of 500 kV cable (70 km). The Skolkovo Innovative Center is an ultramodern RD Complex planned for construction near Moscow for development and commercialization of new technologies. The complex is expected to be built in the territory of the township of Novoivanovskoye and the township of Odintsovo, in the vicinity of Skolkovo Village, in the eastern part of Odintsovo Area of Moscow Region, 2 km west of the Moscow Circular Highway at the Skolkovo Highway read more.