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Delivery for Tecsur, Peru

7 km of cable type 2XS(FL)-H-A 1×500/180- 40/69 kV have been manufactured and are ready for delivery to the company Tecsur, Peru. Under the contract Estralin supplies cable, cable accessories, carries out type test and installation of accessories. The...

HPP 1 – SS 110 kV Bishkek, Kyirgyiztan Republic

At the end of 2017 a turn-key contract for the construction of the cable the HPP1 – SS 110 kV Bishkek in the capital of the Kyirgyiztan Republic was signed. New cable line in the center of the city...

Best Supplier of cable and wires in year 2017

Our company took part in the 2nd Annual Purchasing Forum and Competition for Suppliers and Contractors “Energopartner-2017”, held by PJSC “MOESK” (Moscow, Russia) on 19 December. Estralin PS won a prize as the «Best Supplier of cable and wires...

SS “Empalme II”, Empalme, Mexico

After the installation of 21 GIS terminations 420 kV the project SS «Empalme» (Mexico) has been completed.

SS “Fortischem”, Slovakia

The installation of 3 km cable A2XS(FL)2Y-LWL 1х240RM/120-64/110 kV and Arkasil GIS and Outdoor terminations on SS «Fortischem» (Slovakia) was completed successfully at the end of November.

SS ” Airport” – SS “Olimp”, Astana, Kazakhstan

Estralin PS supplied cable 2XS(FL)2Y-LWL 1х1600RMS/120-64/110 kV of Estralin HVC production and supervised the installation between Substations “Airport” and “Olimp” (Astana, Kazakhstan).

SS “Yasenevo” – SS “Gavrikovo”, Moscow, Russia

Our company is taking part in the project “Reconstruction of OHL 110 kV “Yasenevo-Gavrikovo”, Russia, Moscow. Estralin PS has already delivered 70% of cable 2XS(FL)2Y-LWL 1х630RM/210-64/110 kV of Estralin HVC. Estralin PS service center carried out cable laying supervision...

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SS “Toquepala”, Peru

Estralin PS service center has done installation of cable accessories Arkasil and Suedkabel on the SS “Toquepala”, Peru. The substation has been put into operation. The unique feature of this object is its location in the mountains on the...

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SS “Empalme II”, Empalme, Mexico

The installation of 21 outdoors terminations 420 kV of Suedkabel on SS «Empalme» (Mexico) has been successfully finished. This substation is intended for the improving of network connections for Mexican transmission operator CFE. This project for Estralin is the...

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SS “Bystricany”, Slovakia

The second step of installation works at SS “Bystricany”, Slovakia, has been finished. Estralin PS installed 18 dry type outdoor terminations. The project was successfully handed over to the Customer.